This is such an awesome computer setup for a graphic designer or creative person! Man, I miss my dual monitors so much. They really do make you more efficient and work is much more enjoyable. If you haven’t check out a dual display setup before, you should really think about it if you have $3,000 to blow haha.

Site News

I’ve been wanting to begin a creative design and digital marketing blog for a long time. Shoot I had ideas for starting a design inspiration blog since I got out of high school. This has been a long time coming. But I’ve finally figured out some basic web design and have finally learned how to get WordPress up and running this semester in school.

I can’t wait to share my design and photography with everybody out there in the big, wide world and I’m even more excited to connect with other like minded people who love the arts as much as I do!

My plan is to chip away at this site little by little over the coming weeks. My long term vision is to provide an online store to purchase some of my photography and artwork.

Can’t wait to put myself out into this digital world!

Take Care,