Bathroom tiles get old and dull over time. If you want to bring some life back to your bathroom or any other tiled room for that matter you can take several actions to get the desired results. You can choose to rip apart all the existing tiles and put new ones in their place. You can also decide to clean, repair and refinish the existing tiles. This is what we call tile reglazing.

Reglazing directly works to restore your worn out tiles and give them a new glossy finish. Reglazing can be completed as a DIY project, or you can call experts in this field to do the job for you. Below we discuss what a tile reglazing company does and what services you should expect from such a tile reglazing company at the end of the day.

1. Checking For Cracks And Repairing Them

Once you get in touch with a reglazing company, you should expect the company to send someone over to your home. The person sent to your home will first of all look at the overall condition of your tiles and check for any cracks. If the tiles are dirty, they will first be cleaned using a special cleaner designed to get rid of dirt, grease, and soap residue. All cracks are then filled after cleaning the tiles.

2. Surface Preparation

The next step after filling the cracks is surface preparation. First, the surface is etched to ensure a strong bond with the reglazing compounds to be applied. An epoxy adhesive is applied after that. The adhesive is designed to provide further a secure bond between the new layers and the old tiles surface.

tile reglazing3. Applying The Reglazing Compound

The reglazing compound is used once the tiles are dry. Depending on the brand, the reglazing compound can be brushed, sprayed or rolled. In most cases, two to three layers of the reglazing compound are applied on the tiles. Each layer is given adequate time to dry before the other layer can be implemented.

The type of reglazing compound used depends on your tiles and the results you want to see once the work is done. In most cases, a tile reglazing company will offer valuable advice on the compound that will do justice to your existing tile. Such companies will probably have done numerous similar projects in the past, and you can rely on the company guidance on the right reglazing compound to suit your tiles.

4. Applying A Seal Coat

A seal coat is applied over the reglazing compound layers to ensure a long lasting finish. Your tiles will look glossy and almost as good as new once this layer of sealant is used.

These are the processes involved in a tile reglazing project and mainly, highlight what a reglazing company will do. Given that the chemicals and compounds used during the reglazing process are dangerous and may come with life-threatening side effects it is always advisable to let the experts do the job. Look for a reglazing company that promises to deliver nothing short of the best services. You can then get the business to provide the required services as far as these services are in line with your budget.


10 Simple Ways on How to Keep Your Home Cool

Whether it is during summer or you just live in warm areas, keeping your house, interior cold becomes an essential. There are many air-conditioning-unitways to achieve this, without over-relying on electricity to send away heat from your living space. The primary concern in many homes is how to cool the areas sustainably, and that is why we have narrowed down to the most practical methods. If you want to do all you can before you need to call an air conditioning company to give your system a tune up then read these simple tips to help keep your home cool all summer long.

1. Draw The Blinds Or Curtains Fully

This is essentially useful for houses with west or north facing windows, as the sun rays directly enter the house through the windows. Drawing curtains or blinds prevents unwanted heat from entering the house and getting rid of greenhouse-like temperatures.

2. Turn Off Heat-Emitting Appliances And Lights

During summer times, some electrical appliances may add heat in the room when turned on. However, this does not mean you turn off all the devices because some of them like fridge must be kept running, even though they will emit some heat.

3. Open Doors Of The Rooms During Hot Days

This method allows cold air to enter and circulate throughout the rooms during hot days. The doors should be left open during the cold nights so that you can maximize in cooling the entire house before the next day.

4. Switch Up Your Bedding

This is specifically focused on those thick blankets and flannel sheets, as their insulation properties add heat in the room. So, changing to cotton sheets and blankets that breathe easily can allow air circulation within the bedroom.

air-fan5. Use A Fan First Before Considering Air Conditioner

It is ideal to use a fan before turning on your air conditioning, but if it gets too hot, you can turn on your AC. The air conditioner may eat up more power, but using a fan first can help you save on energy.

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Bathroom remodeling is a significant investment, which needs to be done by a professional. If you want the best outcome after refurbishment, it is advisable to hire a bathroom remodeler to handle the entire job. Since they are highly skilled, you rest assured of high-quality work without unwelcoming surprise down the line.

Benefits of hiring a professional bathroom remodeling expert are many, including perfect finish, quality materials, and ability to handle unexpected issues during the renovation. Therefore, here are five reasons why you need a professional contractor to handle bathroom remodeling job.

Excellent Finishing

The professional has the vast knowledge regarding the new upgrades that suit your bath refinishing project. With the expert, your bathroom becomes new and attractive bathing room for you and your family. A bathroom remodeler will add a floating vanity, or just take tiles beyond the floor. This gives your bathroom a new looking, stylish, spacious, open, and aerated.

Satisfaction And Improved User-Experience

Hiring a professional remodeler will transform the bathroom into a more improved facility that offers complete satisfaction to the users. To add glamor and sparkles, adding tiles on the walls is a better option that a professional will take. Depending on the bathroom type and structure, the expert may decide to install backlashes of colored mosaic tiles just above the vanity, or choose to tile the whole wall. This gives the bathroom an entirely new look similar to any modern bathroom, hence satisfying the desire of your family members.


Hiring a professional is the right way to achieve the best of what you need. If you are an aged person looking for a simple and stress-free bathroom, a remodeler can solve the problem right away. He will install new glass shower doors that do not require ledges to step over as you enter the bathroom. Such doors are simple but quite stylish for modern homes.


Professional bathroom remodelers will work as per homeowners’ instructions. However, they become very useful whenever you need advice on which kind of tiles to choose. For instance, ceramic tiles and stone may not be ideal for areas experiencing extreme coldness. But if you need just the said tiles, the professional will advise on installing a radiant heat system underneath the floor. This will help in warming your feet.

Quality Materials

Professionals always work with the best suppliers, ensuring they install materials such as tiles or tubs from the best brands. For instance, they will advise on the best types of whirlpool tubs for a relaxing experience.


Is Your Broken Garbage Disposal Getting The Best Of You?

A kitchen garbage disposal can stop functioning when used without water, or when non-recommended solids are dropped accidentally. It’s on of the most frustrating kitchen appliances to be without in my opinion. Growing up our family used it constantly. The common causes are as a result of food materials such as potato peelings, bones, or ground coffee among other materials.

I have outlined a few tips to help you fix a garbage disposal whenever it stops working.

If The Appliance Can’t Switch On

Whenever there is the electrical fault, a disposer cannot turn on. However, make sure it is plugged in before attempting to carry out any form of repair. If it is plugged in, check the reset button at the bottom of the disposer and press to reboot the appliance. The button will pop out, indicating that it is ready for use. If this doesn’t work, check if the circuit breaker may have tripped. If all the attempts don’t work, then you will need to look for a good plumber to fix the problem.

If The Flywheel Is Stuck

You will discover the wheel is stuck if the disposer produces the typical buzzing sound, but it cannot turn on. This means there is something lodged between the wheel and the shredder ring. Therefore, turn off power at the electrical panel before starting repair. Using the offset wrench, insert it into the propeller turning hole at the bottom of the appliance. Turn the wrench clockwise to dislodge the flywheel. If you don’t have the wrench, use a wooden stick, similar to a broom-handle. If the problem seems complicated, you should call an appliance repair company. I was referred to www.appliancerepairpomona.net when this happened to my roommates and I. They were a great help and got the job fixed in no time at all.

Slow Draining

The common cause of slow draining is an inadequate disposal of solid food waste. The solids should react with water to get ground well. However, lack of water after the solids have been directed to the waste line can cause slow draining. To fix the problem, disconnect the discharge pipe and the drain trap, and then check the clog. If the disposer requires special attention, look for a qualified plumber to repair it.


Fixing Leakages

The common areas where leakage occurs include; sink flange, dishwasher connection, or discharge drainpipe. If it occurs on the sink flange, turn off the power before starting to fix the problem. Carefully, loosen the appliance from the mounting flange by turning it clockwise. Tighten the bolts on the mounting flange because they might be the cause of leakages.

If leakage is at the dishwasher, tighten the clamp connected to the inlet by the dishwasher hose. Otherwise, replace the dishwasher hose.

Leakages at the drain discharge pipe can be fixed by tightening the bolts holding the discharge tube. If it is not yet working, try to replace the gasket. If the problem persists, call a professional repair company to fix the problem.

According to professional appliance repairmen, use of chemical drain cleaners with kitchen garbage disposals can cause a dangerous mess, making your disposal a store of toxins. This will give you a delicate task of removing them. Also, read about things that you should not put in your garbage disposal to avoid clogging it.