What Does a Tile Reglazing Company Do?

Bathroom tiles get old and dull over time. If you want to bring some life back to your bathroom or any other tiled room for that matter you can take several actions to get the desired results. You can choose to rip apart all the existing tiles and put new ones in their place. You can also decide to clean, repair and refinish the existing tiles. This is what we call tile reglazing.

Reglazing directly works to restore your worn out tiles and give them a new glossy finish. Reglazing can be completed as a DIY project, or you can call experts in this field to do the job for you. Below we discuss what a tile reglazing company does and what services you should expect from such a tile reglazing company at the end of the day.

1. Checking For Cracks And Repairing Them

Once you get in touch with a reglazing company, you should expect the company to send someone over to your home. The person sent to your home will first of all look at the overall condition of your tiles and check for any cracks. If the tiles are dirty, they will first be cleaned using a special cleaner designed to get rid of dirt, grease, and soap residue. All cracks are then filled after cleaning the tiles.

2. Surface Preparation

The next step after filling the cracks is surface preparation. First, the surface is etched to ensure a strong bond with the reglazing compounds to be applied. An epoxy adhesive is applied after that. The adhesive is designed to provide further a secure bond between the new layers and the old tiles surface.

tile reglazing3. Applying The Reglazing Compound

The reglazing compound is used once the tiles are dry. Depending on the brand, the reglazing compound can be brushed, sprayed or rolled. In most cases, two to three layers of the reglazing compound are applied on the tiles. Each layer is given adequate time to dry before the other layer can be implemented.

The type of reglazing compound used depends on your tiles and the results you want to see once the work is done. In most cases, a tile reglazing company will offer valuable advice on the compound that will do justice to your existing tile. Such companies will probably have done numerous similar projects in the past, and you can rely on the company guidance on the right reglazing compound to suit your tiles.

4. Applying A Seal Coat

A seal coat is applied over the reglazing compound layers to ensure a long lasting finish. Your tiles will look glossy and almost as good as new once this layer of sealant is used.

These are the processes involved in a tile reglazing project and mainly, highlight what a reglazing company will do. Given that the chemicals and compounds used during the reglazing process are dangerous and may come with life-threatening side effects it is always advisable to let the experts do the job. Look for a reglazing company that promises to deliver nothing short of the best services. You can then get the business to provide the required services as far as these services are in line with your budget.