10 Simple Ways on How to Keep Your Home Cool

Whether it is during summer or you just live in warm areas, keeping your house, interior cold becomes an essential. There are many air-conditioning-unitways to achieve this, without over-relying on electricity to send away heat from your living space. The primary concern in many homes is how to cool the areas sustainably, and that is why we have narrowed down to the most practical methods. If you want to do all you can before you need to call an air conditioning company to give your system a tune up then read these simple tips to help keep your home cool all summer long.

1. Draw The Blinds Or Curtains Fully

This is essentially useful for houses with west or north facing windows, as the sun rays directly enter the house through the windows. Drawing curtains or blinds prevents unwanted heat from entering the house and getting rid of greenhouse-like temperatures.

2. Turn Off Heat-Emitting Appliances And Lights

During summer times, some electrical appliances may add heat in the room when turned on. However, this does not mean you turn off all the devices because some of them like fridge must be kept running, even though they will emit some heat.

3. Open Doors Of The Rooms During Hot Days

This method allows cold air to enter and circulate throughout the rooms during hot days. The doors should be left open during the cold nights so that you can maximize in cooling the entire house before the next day.

4. Switch Up Your Bedding

This is specifically focused on those thick blankets and flannel sheets, as their insulation properties add heat in the room. So, changing to cotton sheets and blankets that breathe easily can allow air circulation within the bedroom.

air-fan5. Use A Fan First Before Considering Air Conditioner

It is ideal to use a fan before turning on your air conditioning, but if it gets too hot, you can turn on your AC. The air conditioner may eat up more power, but using a fan first can help you save on energy.

6. Minimize The Cooling Area

When the day is too hot, you need to chill just the space you are in, instead of cooling the entire house. This will help in saving on energy, but you should ensure all doors and windows are shut and sealed to prevent the cooling air from escaping.

7. Use Thermostat At 72 Degrees Fahrenheit

Even though hot days can make you desire to set the thermostat as low as 72 degrees Fahrenheit, this might cost you more on energy consumption. To avoid huge energy bills, let your thermostat cooling stay at 77 degrees Fahrenheit. This temperature is enough to create a comfortable space during hot days.

8. Reduce Steam And Heat With Extractor Fan While Cooking

Despite the fact that it is too hot, cooking must continue as usual. Much heat is produced while the kitchen, and can cause discomfort in the entire house. Therefore, open the kitchen windows, and reduce steam and heat by use of an extractor fan.

9. Ventilation

Ventilation is always essential during hot days because the heated air rises, and escapes through the open windows and doors. So, open the doors and windows at the opposite ends of the house to allow hot air to escape and cool air to enter.

10. Buy A Desk Fan Instead Of Air Conditioner

During summer, a simple desk fan is quite adequate for cooling an entire room. Unless you must cool all the house or rooms at once, you don’t need to invest in those expensive air conditioners. A standing fan can do the trick, without a huge investment and high energy bills.