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The What And How Of Abstract Art

To comprehend the idea of the concept of abstract art, let us visualize a demonstration how color can supersede a drawing. A photograph of young kids playing that was awfully drawn, but has vibrantly beautiful colors may still create an impact on a beautiful picture. A realistic drawing of the Eiffel tower may show finely detailed representation, but was colored dully may not be perceived as beautiful.

abstract-hexagonsAccording to Confucius, not everyone is capable of seeing the beauty in everything that surrounds us. People have different backgrounds, upbringing and culture which may play a significant role in how a person perceives beauty. It is not that easy to appreciate things that we do not have a full understanding of yet. For that reason, to understand an abstract art, its context and origin should be understood. When a painting does not show a finely detailed representation, most will automatically categorize it as an abstract, but what type of abstract art is it? Abstract art has certain kinds that are less abstract than the others but focuses in disconnecting art and the real world.

Various Types of Abstract Art

• Curvilinear Abstract Art- This style can be identified by the painter’s use of patterns such as swirls, circles, spirals, and knots.

• Color Related or Light Related Abstract Art- This style separates art from reality by using colors and light.

• Geometric Abstraction- The use of non-naturalistic images which are typically geometric shapes like squares, triangles, and rectangles that have no similarity to objects you would find in nature.

• Emotional Or Intuitional- The artist paints depending or based on the current emotion he is feeling.

• Minimalistic Abstraction- Often, this type of style uses geometrical form. Most common on sculptors than painters.

• Gestural Abstract- This kind of abstract art mainly emphasizes the process of how the artist works. It is all about the series of actions that an artist has to take to achieve the result he wants.

How You Can Make Abstract Art

Creating an abstract art doesn’t require a bachelor’s degree in Fine Arts. You just have to let your creativity guide your hands. Do you want to take abstract painting a little notch up? You can watch video tutorials like Abstract Art Explorations: 17 Acrylic Painting Techniques or enroll in classes in your area. The choice is all yours. Here are a few samples of how you can create an abstract art or painting.

1. Painting With Tomatoes

Materials: plants, acrylic paint, canvas, and water
-Cut the tomatoes into two
-Use the plants as your brush and paint away.

2. Punch It

Materials: Colored magazines, paper puncher, acrylic paint, paint brush and water
-Using the paper puncher, cut out circles from the colored magazine. Set aside.
-Once you have enough circled magazine, grab your paintbrush and paint half of it with any color that you want. Let it all dry.
-In a canvas, paint circles or just stroke your brush the way you want to, using colors that will make the painted magazine circles pop out. A solid color as a background may do the trick if the magazine you used is too colorful.

3. Ombre

Materials: Acrylic paint, paint brush and water.
-Choose two colors. One can be a darker shade, whichever you prefer.
-Paint half of the canvas using the darker shade than the other half using, the lighter color. Use your wet paint brush to create the ombre effect.

4. Stroke Away

Materials: Paint, paint brush Optional: Water
-Choose whatever color you want to use and just stroke it the way you want to.

5. Handy Hand Painting

Materials: Paint and water
-Use your hand to mix and stroke the paint into the canvas. Just be creative and play like a kid.

The world may not see the beauty in everything but if you open yourself to the possibility of understanding the beauty that lies within, we can keep this world from being abstract.