10 Simple Ways on How to Keep Your Home Cool

Whether it is during summer or you just live in warm areas, keeping your house, interior cold becomes an essential. There are many air-conditioning-unitways to achieve this, without over-relying on electricity to send away heat from your living space. The primary concern in many homes is how to cool the areas sustainably, and that is why we have narrowed down to the most practical methods. If you want to do all you can before you need to call an air conditioning company to give your system a tune up then read these simple tips to help keep your home cool all summer long.

1. Draw The Blinds Or Curtains Fully

This is essentially useful for houses with west or north facing windows, as the sun rays directly enter the house through the windows. Drawing curtains or blinds prevents unwanted heat from entering the house and getting rid of greenhouse-like temperatures.

2. Turn Off Heat-Emitting Appliances And Lights

During summer times, some electrical appliances may add heat in the room when turned on. However, this does not mean you turn off all the devices because some of them like fridge must be kept running, even though they will emit some heat.

3. Open Doors Of The Rooms During Hot Days

This method allows cold air to enter and circulate throughout the rooms during hot days. The doors should be left open during the cold nights so that you can maximize in cooling the entire house before the next day.

4. Switch Up Your Bedding

This is specifically focused on those thick blankets and flannel sheets, as their insulation properties add heat in the room. So, changing to cotton sheets and blankets that breathe easily can allow air circulation within the bedroom.

air-fan5. Use A Fan First Before Considering Air Conditioner

It is ideal to use a fan before turning on your air conditioning, but if it gets too hot, you can turn on your AC. The air conditioner may eat up more power, but using a fan first can help you save on energy.

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Art & Design

Three strokes are all that you want for getting those perfectly done nails. As you’re painting your beautiful nails, it’s best that you make use of the three strokes technique, to apply the nail polish. Perfect nail art or just plain old nail painting all comes in a series of pre-defined steps. You must follow these steps to land astonishing results. We have identified the most useful tips for you to paint better your nails, and you must remember that patience is the key to nicely done nails.

Here are the three most handy tips to paint your nails right.

Tip One:

Take it EASY!
You must as a first remember to clip all your nails, the same size. File them, cut them, and shape them to perfection. You must take your time, for perfection does not come fast. Tutorials all over the internet make it seem easy, but once you start you will know what it means to be a beginner and an expert. Chances are you will end up cutting your nails in different sizes; a perfect nail job requires nails to be reduced in the same shape and the size to make your hands looks phenomenal. If you cut them wrong, do not freak out! But remember only if you are cutting them down in small amounts will you be able to fix this mess, clipping off a huge chunk of your nail is damaged beyond repair!

Tip Two:

Don’t be afraid to get it wrong. Three wrongs now will make one right later!
Once you are done and we move on to putting on nail paint, once more, you shouldn’t be afraid to get it wrong, just keep a generous helping of nail Polish remover nearby and use it in the case of dire emergencies. Since you haven’t been properly trained on how to do this properly, you will need to stumble upon discoveries in this world, soon you should be able to get it done in one go, but for now, let the nail polish remover be your one true best friend. And you must, as a compulsion, go through a few tips to paint your nails before you get started.

Tip Three:

Know your limits.
Some of the most gorgeous and intricate nail art comes from sources that we have seen over the internet and here are few of the most gorgeous, designs. But there is a huge leap between the beginner designs and the expert level designs. You should start with simple designs first and work up to more complex ones as your skill improves. You need to understand you will not be able to achieve the professional level nail art designs, but with practice and persistence, you will be.

It takes just the perfect combination of skill level, effort, and dedication to master this art, and there are plenty of inspirations all over the internet to push you deep down into the depths of one of the most intriguing beauty measures, there is, the whole, the Nail Art!

For painting great nails, you must have a great aesthetic sense. Think of your nails as miniature canvases and think of the nail color as paints, as you begin to paint your nails, take a deep breath, think of inspiration and paint away! Your nails can be your master pieces, matching, adding more to the designer outfits that your wear around. And now that you have gone through the most effective tips to paint your nails, you should be able to master the art in no time. Good Luck!


Bathroom remodeling is a significant investment, which needs to be done by a professional. If you want the best outcome after refurbishment, it is advisable to hire a bathroom remodeler to handle the entire job. Since they are highly skilled, you rest assured of high-quality work without unwelcoming surprise down the line.

Benefits of hiring a professional bathroom remodeling expert are many, including perfect finish, quality materials, and ability to handle unexpected issues during the renovation. Therefore, here are five reasons why you need a professional contractor to handle bathroom remodeling job.

Excellent Finishing

The professional has the vast knowledge regarding the new upgrades that suit your bath refinishing project. With the expert, your bathroom becomes new and attractive bathing room for you and your family. A bathroom remodeler will add a floating vanity, or just take tiles beyond the floor. This gives your bathroom a new looking, stylish, spacious, open, and aerated.

Satisfaction And Improved User-Experience

Hiring a professional remodeler will transform the bathroom into a more improved facility that offers complete satisfaction to the users. To add glamor and sparkles, adding tiles on the walls is a better option that a professional will take. Depending on the bathroom type and structure, the expert may decide to install backlashes of colored mosaic tiles just above the vanity, or choose to tile the whole wall. This gives the bathroom an entirely new look similar to any modern bathroom, hence satisfying the desire of your family members.


Hiring a professional is the right way to achieve the best of what you need. If you are an aged person looking for a simple and stress-free bathroom, a remodeler can solve the problem right away. He will install new glass shower doors that do not require ledges to step over as you enter the bathroom. Such doors are simple but quite stylish for modern homes.


Professional bathroom remodelers will work as per homeowners’ instructions. However, they become very useful whenever you need advice on which kind of tiles to choose. For instance, ceramic tiles and stone may not be ideal for areas experiencing extreme coldness. But if you need just the said tiles, the professional will advise on installing a radiant heat system underneath the floor. This will help in warming your feet.

Quality Materials

Professionals always work with the best suppliers, ensuring they install materials such as tiles or tubs from the best brands. For instance, they will advise on the best types of whirlpool tubs for a relaxing experience.


The Internet is steadily growing in popularity, so too is online marketing. Internet marketing, also known as digital marketing, involves using the internet for business promotion. The idea behind is to spread and create awareness about enterprise’s products and services through the web.
Internet marketing includes several different strategies, including Search Engine Optimization (SEO), reputation management, social media and content marketing, as well as pay-per-click advertising among others. A significant number of businesses utilize at least one of these approaches to promote themselves.

However, do you know Video marketing is one of the best practices to improve your business performance? Many companies today are engaging their business promotions with SEO Video Marketing to enjoy first page ranking for YouTube and Google searches. If you are not aware of Video SEO (VSEO), this article will give an overview of what it entails.

Video marketing involves video optimization for search engine ranking and traffic. It is a practice that came into play in 2007 after the introduction of Universal Search feature by Google. Before then, search results were text-related only, and it is hard to find videos, PDFs formats, and animated slides on the internet. Today, we can enjoy unified results for any keyword search, thanks to Universal Search feature.

With such a big step, we are not surprised that a few people have not yet embraced Video marketing to drive traffic and SEO rankings. Therefore, we shall look at the benefits of VSEO to businesses.

Benefits of Video Marketing to Digital Enterprises

1. Unlike any other web content, videos have higher probabilities of showing up on the first page of search results. Therefore, your videos can now have a share of the blended results on the first page in search engines.

2. A significant percentage of activities by web users involve video searches and video watching. So, it is a remarkable idea of promoting your products and services using online videos because you are rest assured consumers will reach and watch your videos.

3. Use of high-quality videos is one of the sources of sustaining traffic. Interestingly, your videos will receive more viewers and probably more shares. Every share will contribute to some inbound links, bearing in mind that link building enhances general SEO of any website.

4. If your videos are of high quality, this will make your website “sticky” to visitors because they will spend more time watching the embedded videos. Thus, these users are likely to be converted into potential buyers.

How VSEO Works

It is worth noting that search engines are slightly different from people. Google or YouTube doesn’t recognize the quality of your videos like people does. So, to rank your videos higher, you need to make compelling video titles and descriptions with specific keywords and tags. Also, search engines rank videos according to metadata, likes, dislikes, video length, audience retention, and some viewers.

Since Google and YouTube use the above information to index your videos, you need to choose highly skilled video marketing experts to manipulate and optimize the video setting. This will help in ranking your videos on the first page, hence increasing traffic into your site.


Is Your Broken Garbage Disposal Getting The Best Of You?

A kitchen garbage disposal can stop functioning when used without water, or when non-recommended solids are dropped accidentally. It’s on of the most frustrating kitchen appliances to be without in my opinion. Growing up our family used it constantly. The common causes are as a result of food materials such as potato peelings, bones, or ground coffee among other materials.

I have outlined a few tips to help you fix a garbage disposal whenever it stops working.

If The Appliance Can’t Switch On

Whenever there is the electrical fault, a disposer cannot turn on. However, make sure it is plugged in before attempting to carry out any form of repair. If it is plugged in, check the reset button at the bottom of the disposer and press to reboot the appliance. The button will pop out, indicating that it is ready for use. If this doesn’t work, check if the circuit breaker may have tripped. If all the attempts don’t work, then you will need to look for a good plumber to fix the problem.

If The Flywheel Is Stuck

You will discover the wheel is stuck if the disposer produces the typical buzzing sound, but it cannot turn on. This means there is something lodged between the wheel and the shredder ring. Therefore, turn off power at the electrical panel before starting repair. Using the offset wrench, insert it into the propeller turning hole at the bottom of the appliance. Turn the wrench clockwise to dislodge the flywheel. If you don’t have the wrench, use a wooden stick, similar to a broom-handle. If the problem seems complicated, you should call an appliance repair company. I was referred to www.appliancerepairpomona.net when this happened to my roommates and I. They were a great help and got the job fixed in no time at all.

Slow Draining

The common cause of slow draining is an inadequate disposal of solid food waste. The solids should react with water to get ground well. However, lack of water after the solids have been directed to the waste line can cause slow draining. To fix the problem, disconnect the discharge pipe and the drain trap, and then check the clog. If the disposer requires special attention, look for a qualified plumber to repair it.


Fixing Leakages

The common areas where leakage occurs include; sink flange, dishwasher connection, or discharge drainpipe. If it occurs on the sink flange, turn off the power before starting to fix the problem. Carefully, loosen the appliance from the mounting flange by turning it clockwise. Tighten the bolts on the mounting flange because they might be the cause of leakages.

If leakage is at the dishwasher, tighten the clamp connected to the inlet by the dishwasher hose. Otherwise, replace the dishwasher hose.

Leakages at the drain discharge pipe can be fixed by tightening the bolts holding the discharge tube. If it is not yet working, try to replace the gasket. If the problem persists, call a professional repair company to fix the problem.

According to professional appliance repairmen, use of chemical drain cleaners with kitchen garbage disposals can cause a dangerous mess, making your disposal a store of toxins. This will give you a delicate task of removing them. Also, read about things that you should not put in your garbage disposal to avoid clogging it.

Art & Design

The What And How Of Abstract Art

To comprehend the idea of the concept of abstract art, let us visualize a demonstration how color can supersede a drawing. A photograph of young kids playing that was awfully drawn, but has vibrantly beautiful colors may still create an impact on a beautiful picture. A realistic drawing of the Eiffel tower may show finely detailed representation, but was colored dully may not be perceived as beautiful.

abstract-hexagonsAccording to Confucius, not everyone is capable of seeing the beauty in everything that surrounds us. People have different backgrounds, upbringing and culture which may play a significant role in how a person perceives beauty. It is not that easy to appreciate things that we do not have a full understanding of yet. For that reason, to understand an abstract art, its context and origin should be understood. When a painting does not show a finely detailed representation, most will automatically categorize it as an abstract, but what type of abstract art is it? Abstract art has certain kinds that are less abstract than the others but focuses in disconnecting art and the real world.

Various Types of Abstract Art

• Curvilinear Abstract Art- This style can be identified by the painter’s use of patterns such as swirls, circles, spirals, and knots.

• Color Related or Light Related Abstract Art- This style separates art from reality by using colors and light.

• Geometric Abstraction- The use of non-naturalistic images which are typically geometric shapes like squares, triangles, and rectangles that have no similarity to objects you would find in nature.

• Emotional Or Intuitional- The artist paints depending or based on the current emotion he is feeling.

• Minimalistic Abstraction- Often, this type of style uses geometrical form. Most common on sculptors than painters.

• Gestural Abstract- This kind of abstract art mainly emphasizes the process of how the artist works. It is all about the series of actions that an artist has to take to achieve the result he wants.

How You Can Make Abstract Art

Creating an abstract art doesn’t require a bachelor’s degree in Fine Arts. You just have to let your creativity guide your hands. Do you want to take abstract painting a little notch up? You can watch video tutorials like Abstract Art Explorations: 17 Acrylic Painting Techniques or enroll in classes in your area. The choice is all yours. Here are a few samples of how you can create an abstract art or painting.

1. Painting With Tomatoes

Materials: plants, acrylic paint, canvas, and water
-Cut the tomatoes into two
-Use the plants as your brush and paint away.

2. Punch It

Materials: Colored magazines, paper puncher, acrylic paint, paint brush and water
-Using the paper puncher, cut out circles from the colored magazine. Set aside.
-Once you have enough circled magazine, grab your paintbrush and paint half of it with any color that you want. Let it all dry.
-In a canvas, paint circles or just stroke your brush the way you want to, using colors that will make the painted magazine circles pop out. A solid color as a background may do the trick if the magazine you used is too colorful.

3. Ombre

Materials: Acrylic paint, paint brush and water.
-Choose two colors. One can be a darker shade, whichever you prefer.
-Paint half of the canvas using the darker shade than the other half using, the lighter color. Use your wet paint brush to create the ombre effect.

4. Stroke Away

Materials: Paint, paint brush Optional: Water
-Choose whatever color you want to use and just stroke it the way you want to.

5. Handy Hand Painting

Materials: Paint and water
-Use your hand to mix and stroke the paint into the canvas. Just be creative and play like a kid.

The world may not see the beauty in everything but if you open yourself to the possibility of understanding the beauty that lies within, we can keep this world from being abstract.


5 Essential Things to Consider When Choosing a Web Hosting Company

Having just been in the market for web hosting, I thought it’d be fitting to share the helpful bits of information I came across through my research.

People who own various websites prefer to work with particular web hosting companies. After creating a website, you need to identify a particular hosting provider depending on the plans of your site. Either your site is for business or blogging, you need to consider some aspects.

What To Look For In A Web Host

Web hosting involves complex choices because the industry players offer diverse types of services. For beginners, here are some of the essential things to consider at the initial stages while looking for a web hosting company.


1. Packages Offered

It is advisable to choose a host that offers packages based on what you need. The web host should also provide you with intuitive tools to set up the site that can deliver what you want. Therefore, read several reviews and then make a list of 4 to 5 hosts and then compare their features and benefits. This process may be time-consuming, but you will finally get the best web hosting company to serve you appropriately.

2. Technical Support

A reliable web hosting company should be ready to offer full-time technical support. The best way to know if the company offer full technical support is through reading hosting reviews of different companies. It might be a complicated task, but it is the better option than choosing an unreliable web host that will disappoint you at the end. Remember, it is impossible to quit a particular web hosting plan before the contract period is over. Therefore, you should take some of your precious time to research thoroughly to avoid such inconveniences and costly mistakes.

3. Payment Terms

It is critical to determine the payment terms used by a particular web hosting company before striking any deal. For instance, $5 every month seems to be a good deal, but the company might be accepting annual upfront payment of $60. However, avoid going for only bad companies because they may not offer all the features and benefits you require.

4. Ease-of-Use of Control Panel

Another aspect to consider is the ease-of-use of the control panel, which should have handy features included to make website set up easy and fun. Reliable web hosting companies allow an option for content management system installation, which provides easy website creation and operation. Therefore, you need to choose a web hosting company that offer service requirements that match your level of expertise.

5. Free Additional Sites

A good web hosting company will allow you to add more sites without extra monthly charges. Most of the internet hosts charge a regular monthly fee for one site, but it is usually free of charge whenever the client needs to include additional sites.

Lastly, check if there is the provision of online email access and forwarding. Having a good email system is essential for smooth management of all incoming emails from other websites. Also, consider if you can quickly navigate the control panel of a particular web host to avoid time wastage that might reduce productivity.



This is such an awesome computer setup for a graphic designer or creative person! Man, I miss my dual monitors so much. They really do make you more efficient and work is much more enjoyable. If you haven’t check out a dual display setup before, you should really think about it if you have $3,000 to blow haha.

Site News

I’ve been wanting to begin a creative design and digital marketing blog for a long time. Shoot I had ideas for starting a design inspiration blog since I got out of high school. This has been a long time coming. But I’ve finally figured out some basic web design and have finally learned how to get WordPress up and running this semester in school.

I can’t wait to share my design and photography with everybody out there in the big, wide world and I’m even more excited to connect with other like minded people who love the arts as much as I do!

My plan is to chip away at this site little by little over the coming weeks. My long term vision is to provide an online store to purchase some of my photography and artwork.

Can’t wait to put myself out into this digital world!

Take Care,